Kuap. Ru - Bonds and eurobonds of the bank МОРГАН СТЭНЛИ БАНК, emissions parameters and data

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  • no. of Russian banks - 857,
    including NKOs - 51
  • no. of Ukrainian banks - 172
  • Belarussian banks - 39
  • Balances (f. 101), ratios (f. 135) and capital (f. 123 and 134) available
    at 1 February 2022
  • Income (f. 102) available
    at 1 January 2022


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Central Bank of Russia registration number: 3456  foreign-controlledcomplies with 213-FZ (work with state companies)

On this page you can find parameters of bonds and eurobonds issued by the bank. Emissions are sorted by issuance date (descending), deals active on April 1st, 2013 are shown.